Mis-sold PPI

Probably one of the biggest banking scandals of all time. The banks have had to make payments to their customers well in excess of £15billion.

Millions have been affected and many people didn’t even know they had bought PPI. Banks are now starting to enforce time bars and refusing many claims. It is important you make sure you get any money you are entitled to. We can help. Thousands of people have trusted us with their claims. We are not a call centre but company dedicated to quality service and doing the best possible job for you.

What is it?

Very low quality insurance sold with credit cards, loans, mortgages, store cards and secured loans. If you are not sure call us for a chat.

My accounts are closed.

No problem we can track down information but there are time limits as banks can destroy information after a period of time.

Why was it mis-sold?

Very often it was added without anyone knowing or you may not actually have qualified or you may have been told you needed it to get a loan. Again many reasons but money Puzzle can help you decide if you may have a valid claim and help you through the process.

Some ways you might have been mis-sold PPI:

  • You were unemployed or retired when you were sold the PPI
  • You were told that PPI was compulsory and that you had to take it out
  • You were pressured into buying the PPI
  • Nobody fully explained the terms and conditions (small print)
  • You weren’t told the rules about pre-existing medical conditions
  • You weren’t told that you could buy PPI from another company
  • You weren’t told about exclusions to the policy
  • Nobody asked if you had any other insurance which could cover the loan

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Mis-sold PPI

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