Terms & Conditions General

1.0 What Money Puzzle Limited will do for you?

1.1 We will discuss with you products purchased by you and help identify where a possible complaint may exist.
1.2 We will gather all data and documentation required to instigate a complaint.
1.3 We will intimate your complaint to the appropriate lender, insurer, or agency (defendant)
1.4 We will correspond and negotiate with the defendant dealing with your complaint on your behalf in this action.
1.5 We will use reasonable endeavours to obtain compensation for you.
1.6 We will promptly notify you if the claim is not to be pursued. It is at Money Puzzle Limited’s sole discretion to decide whether or not to proceed with a complaint at any time during the process but Money Puzzle Limited will act reasonably when making such a decision.
1.7 We will endeavour at all times to provide you with the professional and dedicated service. We will use all reasonable skill and care in the processing of your complaint for reimbursement.
1.8 We will rely on the information and documents provided by you as being true, accurate and complete.

2.0 Money Puzzle Limited:

2.1 We will not advise you on the validity of any complaint, the likelihood of success or speculate on what, or how much you may expect from a successful complaint.
2.2 We will discuss and advise you with respect to any offer made by any defendant however we will take instruction from you to accept, reject or challenge.
2.3 We will not give or offer you financial advice.
2.4 We will not offer Legal Advice directly in the event of your complaint going to the court.
2.5 We will not accept any liability for an unsuccessful claim or the amount of compensation paid to you unless we act negligently.
2.6 We will pursue claims against all regulated firms involved in the advice and administration services provided to you.
2.7 We will continue to pursue refunds or compensation beyond the payment of any interim refunds or compensation made by firms, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme or the Financial Ombudsman Service until final decision is achieved.

3.0 The Client (You):

3.1 To provide us promptly with all relevant information and items we request to enable us to pursue your complaint.
3.2 To provide us with clear instructions.
3.3 To cooperate with us (including sending to us any correspondence you receive directly from the defendant)
3.4 Not to ask us to work in an improper or unreasonable way or to mislead us.
3.5 To read all of our Terms and Conditions for your own reference.
3.6 Where applicable one signed Terms and Conditions will apply to all complaints submitted by you to Money Puzzle Limited
3.7 To retain a copy of our Terms and Conditions for your own reference.

4.0 Our Fee:

4.1 The fee that will be charged on a successful complaint will be 25% + vat. This sum will be distributed on an agreed basis between ourselves, any agent or Introducer.
4.2 There will be no breakdown of the final distribution of the sums recovered other than the receipted Fee Note sent to you by way of this Company’s fee.
4.3 Where the defendant makes settlement directly to you, you will advise us in this event and agree to settle the Money Puzzle Limited fee within 14 days of receiving settlement.
4.4 Where settlement is used to by the defendant to clear any arrears outstanding on your account/s you will remain liable for the full fee.
4.5 In the event of you failing to make payment we will take steps to recover all sums due to us under this agreement, including costs of recovery.
4.6 For the avoidance of doubt there will be no fee payable should your complaint not be successful.

5.0 Cancellation

5.1 Money Puzzle Limited may cancel the Contract at any time if Money Puzzle Limited becomes aware of information during the audit process which results in Money Puzzle Limited advising You that in their opinion there is not a good chance of a Successful Complaint.
5.2 Money Puzzle Limited may cancel the Audit procedure at any time if Money Puzzle Limited reasonably believes that any information which you have provided to Money Puzzle Limited is fundamentally wrong or represents fraudulent activity.
5.3 This agreement is a legally binding contract and in signing it you are accepting its Terms and Conditions.
5.4 You have 14 days in which to cancel this agreement (starting from the date we record you complaint as received). You are able to cancel at any time by telephone, email or letter.
5.5 If this agreement is terminated by you after the 14 day cancellation period you will be charged a fee at the rate of £50 plus vat per hour.
5.6 Other costs could be payable. If it is deemed necessary to apply to defendants or firms for data subject to access requests they normally charge up to £10 per request. This charge may be required at the beginning of the complaint process but would be refunded if the contract is cancelled within the cancellation period.


You are aware that you could intimate a complaint directly to the company at no cost, with the ability to take matters further to the Financial Ombudsman Service or Financial Services Compensation Scheme but You are instructing Money Puzzle Limited to act on your behalf.


In terms of Money Laundering Regulations we require identification from you. This can either be a copy of a valid passport or driving licence and a bank statement, utility bill (dated within the last three months) or council tax notice.


Due to the nature and volume of these complaints, there may be a delay in communication. The FSCS, FOS, Lenders and Insurers are dealing with thousands of complaints and it may be up to 24 months before your case is completed. Money Puzzle Limited will provide you with regular updates on the progress of your case.

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